Interactive Medical Systems

Professional Benefits Administrator (TPA)

Interactive Medical Systems (IMS) is a professional benefits administrator providing innovative claims processing and consulting services for employee benefit programs. We specialize in the administration of self-funded medical and dental plans, as well as FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, and Retiree/Direct Billing administration. Pressures to reduce the spiraling costs of medical care while increasing performance have led to a revolution in the financing and delivery of health care and related benefits. Interactive Medical Systems has been a leader for 40+ years in helping employers design benefit packages that save money while providing the best health care for their employees.

Cost Containment Solutions

We offer the flexibility and creative problem solving to bring value through plan design, best of breed vendor selection, and administrative flexibility.

Customer Care

We build trusting, personalized relationships with a client-focused commitment to what matters most to you. Compassionate service brings value to the member experience and helps members improve the quality of life and reduce overall health care expenditures. Our service benchmark is Our Clients’ Perception of Excellence.

Partnership Value

You can depend on IMS to add value to your benefit package delivery. We develop solutions to accommodate a wide spectrum of client preferences, solve problems and drive competitive advantage in plan design and administrative efficiency.

Independently owned and operated for over 40 years

This allows total corporate commitment to our clients with decisions made by those directly involved in day-to-day administration and service of our clients.

Our Solutions

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